1 out of 8 of users have a disability. Are you taking them into account?

More than a billion people have a disability in the world, meaning 15% of the world population, about 1 in 8 people around the world. That is quite a number, which is significant, important and relevant and is so often overlooked.

It got me thinking about my time in school where I did social work at the Special Olympics in El Salvador, where I had the opportunity to be familiarized with their work of helping athletes in the areas of swimming, and other sports with different disabilities (such as: mental, visual, hearing, motor skills and others) enjoy it. Those difficulties have been managed and have been taken into account in our modern society, but now the new challenge that is being faced revolves all around our digital lives. Making it necessary to accommodate the needs of everyone.

Now, 2020, 11 years have passed since my work in the Special Olympics. You could wonder the problems they are facing during this pandemic. Such as:

  • The way two deaf people going to order food at home when the only way provided is a phone call.
  • How will blind people order online at the supermarket if the image of product description is 14500007388?
  • How will people who can’t see or hear watch their favorite series or movies if they don’t include descriptive audio or proper subtitles?

We enjoy what the internet has to offer, but everyone should have accessible internet experience.

You can check the accessibility of your site to know what needs to be changed to provide a decent experience to all users by doing the following steps:

By using Lighthouse in the Google Chrome Developer Tools

  1. Press the key F12
  2. LightHouse tab
  3. Click on Generate Report

At Unplug Studio we work to make the Internet Accessible to all people, we have helped create platforms that respond appropriately with the same passion with which we make web pages, do web data analysis or digital advertising.

We help them to have access to quality education, to buy books, to order food at home or to know how to get to these restaurants, or to enjoy a concert.

We like to celebrate that we can all have good experiences on the Internet, we love the Internet, and we like to work with people to develop in better environments every day.

by Mauricio Paz

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