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5 Reasons to make a ADA Web Audit and Edits

March 25, 2022 | 12 months ago

Author: Mauricio Paz

5 Reasons to make a ADA Web Audit and Edits

Making your website inclusive to persons with disabilities:

  1. Opens the website up to a wider audience or larger customer base.

  2. Earns the respect and often repeat business from those people. Many websites are not built with accessibility in mind and unintentionally put up barriers to accessing the information on the site. Often, when a person finds a site that has the information they are looking for and the information is accessible to them where others are not, they will bookmark the website and promote it to others.

  3. Makes it more accessible and descriptive to Google which often translates into a boost in Google rankings.

  4. Makes it more accessible on mobile devices.

  5. Makes it more usable to everyone, not just those with a disability.

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