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Data and ads: Is there any connection?

Aug. 12, 2022 | 1 year, 1 month ago

Author: Ludwing Contreras
We never stop learning; I enjoy knowing new things constantly. I like to navigate the seas of creativity, and I love to communicate in any way.

Data and ads: Is there any connection?

As Erika Caballero, strategy director of Unplug Studio says: “Strategy starts from the data”.

There is something significant to keep in mind when it comes to the digital world, everything that is done in it, generates a huge amount of information that we know as Data.

This can help companies to have a control of the people who visit their sites and communication channels and, thus, be able to have a clearer audience to interact with, but this also benefits users, surely you wonder how.

It's simple because the data generated by interacting in the digital world will facilitate the recognition of content that the users would like to consume, and possible offers in which they may be interested.

There are countless occasions when I have randomly commented on a product or service in a conversation, and minutes later, ads appear on my social media with offers for products or services I have mentioned.

For me, this has been very useful. I decide what type of content I want to see and what type of content I can restrict or that may be of interest to me, based on my actions within each platform.

Just like we are conscious of the food we eat, are you conscious of the type of content you consume?

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