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Should I start my business and strategies until they are perfect?

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Aug. 19, 2021 | 1 year, 9 months ago

Author: Erika Caballero
Great strategies start with small but constant steps. I love learning and sharing what I learn, as a hobby I help brands reach their full potential, create new solutions and disconnect from their concerns.

Should I start my business and strategies until they are perfect?

We often make the mistake of sabotaging our success by always aiming for perfection. Up to this day, we find ourselves falling back on the worry of not having the right tools, time, resources, and among other things that build a barrier to have a successful business. Throughout the years this bad habit has become easier to conquer, by relying on our KPIs and necessary goals we have set the company up to based on our core value foundation.

Last week we talked about measuring and testing the actions of your company that reflect your core values, this week we want to share with you our experience, mistakes, and learnings in hopes of helping you in a sort of guide to get up on your feet by putting the plan into action.

Creating your core values is the easy part, taking the plan into action is the biggest challenge. Here are 3 aspects to take into account that tend to stop your companies success and progress growth:

Businessman angrily grabbing the computer monitor to throw it.
Wait… Before you start over all over, let me tell you should start with a minimum viable product (MVP) and perfect it along the way.

#1 Everything on the plan must be perfect and achieved…
We should take a look at the goals your company had at the beginning of the year, and we can all beat most if not all plans have changed due to the pandemic that everyone has faced, Not only we can tell the future, but it is worth taking note of the most effective and efficient way to transmit your values with less effort (not needing to hit our expected goal for every detail that take away more time).
Start investing 80% of your time on the functional actions 15% on a specific value that transmits the companies' essence that tends to take most of your time & take 5% of that time on scheduling to take somewhat risky ideas that are of possible interest of your user that make them connect personally to your brand.

Baby steps
Small steps are ideal to complete the big picture

#2 Daydreaming… remember one step at a time …
There is no problem with being ambitious, as a matter of fact, it is a good virtue to have a vision of the future, but taking smalls steps according to your company values to complete the big picture, gives your brand the opportunity to structure itself around the client's needs at the same time it constructs a strong company identity.
“There is no need to accept every project & collaboration with your brand, if it doesn’t go according to your business’ values it is a clear no-no”. It is better to stay true to your values if you desire to be among the big companies that are purpose-driven. At the start, as an entrepreneur our major worry would be keeping the startup afloat and selling without worrying who our allies are, it is okay to say “No” and not accept impolite behaviors of certain customers or go the easy way out of hiring cheap labor/workers that aren’t aligned to the company’s purpose.

On you finally decide to show up?
Well better get moving and move your business with your values

#3 I can’t compete with big businesses…Start moving or lag behind…
After selecting the specific strategies that will be implemented it is more important to value productivity and a quality over perfect. It is important to have a general timeline to view the year’s strategy and later break down each activity’s specifications. Aim for doing key activities and then the rest will be added on with ease, and no matter if you fall of that season of productivity it is necessary to rely on co-workers, employees to keep the future of your company moving on the right track.
“If it can’t be transmitted, it can’t sell”. The road to a long-lasting business begins with good practices, at the start it feels difficult to standardized and normalize the implementation of the core values in every sale, decision , etc.

Reaching out to a community to move your business come true starts with action, take the step of joining our startup community to share and learn from other entrepreneurs :

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