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Staying true to your values will differentiate you from the competition

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Aug. 10, 2021 | 1 year, 5 months ago

Author: Erika Caballero
Great strategies start with small but constant steps. I love learning and sharing what I learn, as a hobby I help brands reach their full potential, create new solutions and disconnect from their concerns.

Staying true to your values will differentiate you from the competition

We all know it’s important to center our companies around our customers and not have a vision of selling the product it is necessary we adapt to their needs and as a company has a sense of purpose. Which is the case of Blackberry that wasn’t able to adapt its products to the customer’s need. The stubbornness to maintain its design was the cause of its own downfall. Having the brand awareness they had, the purpose of the company is what should have driven them to make every decision based on their core values. Measuring your company's success with KPIs (key performance indicators) that are centered on your values will help you guide your company on the right path. The downfall of blackberry wouldn’t happen if they measured their decisions based on their values which are Security, Trust & Innovation. If they decided to go with a tactile design before apple did the public would still have the trust and security they had with their products.

What are the company core values and which are right for my company?

First, it is important to understand that core values aren’t meant to be the wish of what the company desires to be one day. It isn’t based on your company’s vision of its future. Its values have to be reflected in every detail and decision that represents your company.

Your values are based on your company’s mission and purpose. These are some questions you can ask yourselves to discover what will be the philosophy of your business:

*What do we value as a company?
*What will our users' value and choose us over other companies?
*How will I measure my values?

Our core values have guided us along the way to make decisions, such as hiring people, accepting business opportunities; to stay true to our statement, which is: “We make a difference in the lives of our team, clients, and community by doing things right, cheering other people’s success, and sharing our knowledge.” it is important to keep in mind, to be honest with yourself and only consider up to 4 core values, it isn’t necessary you include so many values only the ones that will be of priority in your company, those values you will build the brand’s identity and will be the foundation to the rest areas in your business.

Have you taken into account your core values when it’s time to take corporate decisions?

If you desire to view our process of designing our core values and how each is measured, you can do so by going to:

Company overview. (2020, 10 22). Retrieved from Blackberry:

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