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We need women in web development

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May 17, 2022 | 1 year ago

Author: Karina Diaz

We need women in web development
Nowadays, it is very common to see more men than women in web development positions. Now, I am going to explain some reasons why it is significant to have a female presence in the area.

According to, in its latest survey on “Gender distribution of software developers worldwide”, 91.67% are men and only 5.31% are women. This means that there is quite a considerable gap between the two genders. This fact is even more noticeable at University, since in careers that are ICT oriented, the percentage of women enrolled is very low compared to men.

Reasons why we need more women in the web development field:

  1. The creativity that women have helps to generate innovation in terms of software creation and design. Although it should be clarified that the skills that both women and men possess are the same, only the female skills need to be exploited even more.
  2. The lack of representation in the area means that more and more men are taking power over it, and this is a direct consequence of the disinterest of young women in studying a career oriented to development. Therefore, getting more involved in this area will help inspire many others to lose the fear of leading, designing, planning and executing high-impact web development projects.
  3. The combination of genders will help to have a better perspective of the solutions that can be implemented, either by the different experiences that both parties bring or by the perspective that each one has. In addition to improving the work area in terms of work environment.
You do not have to stereotype this area and leave it only for men. Let go of the fear that you are capable of developing yourself professionally, and you will achieve success.

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