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What is Content Creation?

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Dec. 10, 2021 | 1 year, 5 months ago

Author: Mauricio Paz

What is Content Creation?

The “content creator” term gets thrown around quite a bit in the online space. Most people usually have a vague understanding of the term and may not be able to clearly explain what a content creator truly does. If you do not get what someone means when they say they are a content creator, you are not alone. So, what is a content creator?

A content creator produces content for the (digital) media. The “content” could be an article, video, image, audio, email message, etc. Content creators usually have a journalism background, but individuals with subject matter expertise and/or a penchant to create also make solid content creators.

Creating content is a skill. Not everyone who can stitch together words or shoot a video is a content creator. Keep reading to learn what it takes to be a good content creator, the different types of creators, how much content creators make, and how to make a living creating content.

by Mauricio Paz

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