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What is Web Development for Unplug Studio

Sept. 12, 2022 | 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Author: Mauricio Paz

What is Web Development for Unplug Studio

Some like to make oil paintings that impress the eye, some like to sing magnificently, and some like to build spectacular works that enable transportation, development, employability and all kinds of movement.

We like UX/UI Designs that impress the eye of the beholder, as well as we sing a magnificent voice to the sensations of website navigation, and we also build web solutions that allow transportation through the World Wide Web and bring development, employability and all kinds of movement that no one had thought of.

Let me tell you what is Web Development for us.

It is true that Web development is coding, it is writing, it is imagining in the mind and writing on the computer, as well as building, maintaining websites, it is solutions that allow to save time for the users.

One of us wondered if we should add design in web development, and now we could say that of course we should!

Web development is built from a brand strategy that is integrated with everything that is necessary to achieve objectives and results necessary for the operation of the business.

The design is integrated, as well as a person trained to develop a website in different ways, who can think about how it would look, how it works, the best solutions for what is needed.

It integrates data libraries, databases, information and codes.

It is also developed in programming languages, which are chosen to suit the user's needs.

Web development is a computer science that serves to develop means of communication between sender and receiver.

This means from the sender being a seller and the receiver being a buyer, to the sender being a teacher and a student, or an encyclopedia of information and a student in need of information.

So, let us introduce ourselves, for Unplug Studio Web Development is an art, a passion, that allows us to communicate and establish relationships, generate business, help interactions and make the world more accessible to all.

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