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Why do I need a Landing Page? (7 Reasons)

Dec. 24, 2021 | 6 months, 1 week ago

Author: Mauricio Paz

Why do I need a Landing Page? (7 Reasons)

A landing page is a separate page that appears in response to a click on an advertisement or link in an email. This interacts directly with the potential customer and collects the information that generates sales opportunities.

  1. Everybody needs information: We need customer information, and if they find what they need on our landing page, we also need to collect their information. So we write, talk, email or contact you for a quick sale.

  2. Goes to the point: For someone who already knows what they want, they need to go to the point of sale. He does not need you to know me completely, he only needs to know how much the product costs, how he pays for it, where he subscribes, what are the steps to follow.

  3. Call to action: the landing page has to have action buttons. He has to hold meetings, buy, send information, everything necessary for the customer to be the one who generates the purchase.

  4. Quickly: Are you making a complete website? Keep doing it, and you can also have a landing page, it is quick to do and generate. Both are important, necessary, but you can get started quickly.

  5. Meet me when you buy me: We don't all have time to go for coffee and chat for hours ... but we do have time to shop every day. You can meet me while shopping for me. That can only be done with confidence in what you already do, showing the work and that it is easy to do.

  6. Easy to see: If a resume is now one page, why do we have to wait for my entire website to produce sales. Now we need everything quick to see. A landing page will serve you for people who need everything in a single menu card so they can choose what they want fast.

  7. Need more contact with the client: I sell, and I know I need a lot of interaction with the client. Without a client there is no sale, I need to know more about him, get to know him, and especially have his contact so that I can talk to him. A landing page allows the client to trust his data in me so that I can communicate.

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