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Why use Tableau Public?

Sept. 24, 2021 | 1 year, 4 months ago

Author: Karina Diaz

Why use Tableau Public?

In Latin America there are very few people who are dedicated to visualizing data, therefore, the visualizations that we find are mostly made by Europeans.

Now, that does not mean that part of us Latin Americans does not call our attention to the world of data processing, everything is in finding the motivation to see the need to share useful information to society, which helps them to analyze the environment in which they are being developed or simply relevant information on a topic of your particular taste.

There is a DSSG (Data Science for Social Good) scholarship program that focuses directly on this, where what is sought is to help non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations to get better results from their information, this it is accomplished with top-tier fellowship participants who are selected to work with data scientists and public interest groups on research projects.

Currently, we are implementing a project called #UnplugDataChallenge that consists of training a person, in order to learn about visualizations in the Tableau Public environment with already processed datasets from the #MakeOverMonday social data science movement.

Tableau Public is a data visualization software, which allows us users to make interactive and good quality graphics, it has a wide range of effective ways to order and present data. Once the visualizations are finished, they are uploaded directly to the online profile that we previously created, where they can then be shared on social networks or in any other medium. They will also be viewable by the Tableau author community.

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The idea for which we use this tool is to facilitate training in visualizations, since Tableau allows us to incorporate the information in simple Excel files or other data sources, which is more accessible, in addition to that, it is a good ally for the interpretation of data through its graphs and its use is quite understandable. For reference, this software is positioned as one of the best, for being quite intuitive but complete in terms of operation for someone who is just starting out in this.

Make Over Monday is a Data Science movement for social good and focuses on presenting different perspectives of how people visualize data. The sets are published every week on their website.

#MakeOverMonday has made our work easier, since their data sets are processed and we can only understand them and then use them, also, the topics they use are quite relevant to the community but as we have mentioned before, this movement is European by which, all their data is focused on those countries and not on Latin Americans. But that doesn't mean that we can't get the best out of it.

For this reason, we challenge the learner to turn that data into useful information for Latinos. With this we are achieving that there are visualizations in Spanish that can be understood and can be useful.

Nowadays, society needs to stay informed and what better way than this to do it, and if we can question data from Europe, we will do so to contribute knowledge to the Latin American community.

Have we gotten them interested in interacting with these two great allies?

We encourage you to find out more about the Tableau Public environment and have fun creating and designing short stories that are useful to the entire community.

by Karina Diaz

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