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Women in technology and the difficulties they face

June 13, 2022 | 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Author: Karina Diaz

Women in technology and the difficulties they face
In the technology field, there is a gender gap that, as time goes by, is getting smaller.

However, there are barriers that still directly affect women and that is the main reason why there are fewer women in the sector.

Below you will find some of the difficulties that we, as women, have to face when we start our quest to fulfill our dream.


  1. The idea of hiring men in the technology area is much more common than seeing women working in this area.

    Therefore, the stereotype is difficult to break, due to factors that directly impact the female gender and impede professional development.

    In addition to the mentality that women cannot program at the same level as men.
  2. Something that can also be noticed is the salary gap. If we analyze, there are currently many more non-technology careers that pay better than those that focus on ICT.

    This factor is not much of an incentive for women to want to pursue a career in IT.
  3. The fact that the environment is quite masculine does not cause any interest and makes it unattractive to women. 
  4. The lack of education we receive from an early age on ICT-related topics makes us see this field as something difficult to understand, so there is no interest in studying it.
  5. This area requires constant learning to be at the forefront of new updates, for this reason, it takes time to acquire them. As women with the responsibilities of home and family, it becomes complicated to have enough time to do it.

Women Challeng

As a society, while we can provide the same learning opportunities, we must also provide the same opportunities for work and growth within it.

To create an environment with values that help the inclusion of women in technology.

If you are a woman, and you are still afraid to get involved in ICT, I invite you to give it a try, and you will make a difference.

Motivating more women like you!

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