Can’t find who can host your Mezzanine website?

Well, it is not so easy to find providers that host a CMS like Mezzanine because it is not as common as WordPress or others.

It is also true that those who choose Mezzanine as the CMS to use, or any CMS based on Django (such as TailWing) is because we do not want to marry a CMS that isn’t Open Source.

We know that there’s constant support on Mezzanine, and we know it will have it for years to come.

Besides, we have the capacity to support Django – Python libraries.

Moreover, it’s hard to find someone to host Mezzanine.

Do you think it’s harder to find a provider that helps you with Python – Django – Mezzanine maintenance? Well, we do.

For many of our customers, we provide Support and Maintenance, and we have even kept the suggestion to bring all platforms up to the version we consider stable of each one.

Would you like us to host and maintain your website with CMS Mezzanine?

Fill out this form, and we will reach out to you.

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