First step to build good customer experience

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When we started Unplug Studio we encountered the wonders of building a company centered around its users and clients. Applying such knowledge, we decided to focus on constructing our CX (customer experience).

What is customer experience?

It involves every moment a customer interacts with your brand/ company, these moments are also known as touchpoints in which the customer’s perception about your business is being built. Some situations involve the product/service that you offer, the attention given at customer service, marketing or ads, and so on.

Every company creates their own customer experience, even without trying. It just doesn’t mean all experiences will be good nor outstanding. Implementing aspects that the user views as mandatory and necessary won’t make you regard the experience you offer as good; it will be perceived as a regular experience and won’t serve its purpose of retaining customers.

These are the first steps to developing a good customer :

Envisioning your customer’s journey

Having a clear understanding of what touchpoints there are between the customer and your company is important to build a strategy for each interaction. By forgetting or leaving out a certain area without a customer centered experience can result in unsatisfaction with your company.

An excellent exercise to create your customer’s journey is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and follow the process of buying or requiring the service / product you offer:

Customer journey to buy a VR gadget. It starts with brand awareness, then research, evaluation and end at purchase & loyalty.

You can make the exercise of taking your notepad to write down your customer journey and what encounters you have with your users. Envisioning what service you pretend to give to your customers.

Even though this exercise seems easy, It helps us build the foundation of a sustainable company. We had the luck to encounter Kim Crayton in our path, a consultant and business coach recognized by defending inclusivity, diversity and save spaces for technology. She helped us in a stage of our journey, in which our process was documented and is currently being shared in one of her projects called Biz Development Lab, an open community for entrepreneurs. If you would like to follow our process and share your own start up experiences you can do it here:

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