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JRS Remodeling and Repair Inc., a renowned name in home renovation, faced the challenge of extending their market reach and optimizing their operational efficiency.

Unplug Studio’s Solution:

  • Web Design and Development: Our team at Unplug Studio revitalized JRS’s digital presence. We crafted a sleek, user-friendly website with continuous improvement implementations, ensuring robust hosting, maintenance, and reporting on SEO, Web Accessibility, Performance, and Best Practices.

  • Data Analytics Implementation: We integrated Google Analytics Dashboards, providing JRS with insightful data about user interactions and website performance. This was pivotal in shaping a robust marketing campaign optimization strategy.

  • Business Intelligence: Levering the data from the website and user behavior, we implemented business intelligence tools. This allowed JRS to make data-driven decisions, tailoring their services to meet market demands.


  1. Brand Exposure and Lead Generation: Right from the first month, the new website significantly increased brand visibility, attracting high-quality leads.

  2. Sales Growth: An impressive 300% increase in sales was recorded in the first month post-launch, marking a substantial turnaround in revenue.

  3. Optimized Website: The website now stands as a testament to efficiency, with optimized performance, accessibility, and user engagement.

  4. Enhanced Data Reporting: Our tailored reporting tools provided JRS with actionable insights, leading to informed business decisions and strategies.

Conclusion: Unplug Studio’s holistic approach in web development and data analytics propelled JRS Remodeling and Repair Inc. into a new era of digital excellence, significantly boosting their sales and market presence. Our partnership demonstrates the transformative power of integrating web technology with data intelligence in today’s competitive business landscape.

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