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Why do I have to take care of Accessibility Web?

July 27, 2021 | 1 year, 10 months ago

Author: Mauricio Paz

Why do I have to take care of Accessibility Web?

It is a Friday night, you meet friends at your house, it is night, cold weather and in the living room, a time has passed in which they have been telling stories and some news from the world. It is time for the dinner, and what one of your friends suggests that it would be a good idea to call a pizzeria to order food delivery.

As they are thinking about what to request, one of your friends remembers that he heard a promotion if you download the mobile application. You take your cell phone, download the application, fill in the necessary data, look for the promotion, and do the normal payment process quickly, with the usual way you have to be.

What if this same scenario happens in a group of blind friends?

I propose that we assume that they have a configured cell phone accessibly, is the application developed properly so that it responds well?

Could a blind person easily enter, generate a user, fill in the necessary data, search for the promotion in the developed menu and also enter the shipping location properly?

Ah! And of course, can you easily pay with other methods than cash?

If the answer is no, you probably don't know that you may be losing a segment that means 15% of the world's population, which you could reach and be perfectly accessible in content.

Can you imagine growing 5% -10% in sales? Can you imagine a world in which we could all have the same accessibility to all information, resources and services?

We are probably not all used to putting ourselves in the other person's shoes until it happens to ourselves.

Would you like the internet to be accessible if at some point you lost your sight?

Would you like to always order your favorite food without having any limitations if at some point you become deaf?

All of the above has global relevance because the more accessible the internet is, the easier it is for the world to improve the acquisition of products and services.

The importance of web accessibility does not lie in an increase in sales; but in the ability of the human being to feel empathy, and consider that, if at some point it happened to me, I would also like to be treated the same as everyone else.

In Unplug Studio we have been concerned and worked to generate Web pages for educational sites, restaurants, bookstores, and many more.

We celebrate that there is web accessibility for all people, celebrate with us too.

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