Gain more money with Data Analytics!

How can I make money with Google Analytics?
How can I sell Tableu services?

These are questions that are frequently asked in Google searches and YouTube videos, there are tutorials for different ways to do analysis with Google Tag Manager and many courses that someone can sign up to learn.

However, the importance of Data Analytics for a business that is immersed on the internet is vital. Would you be interested to know how much time your customers spend on the website? What page do they see the most from your website? What problems can it be generating for them when visiting your website? What are the most frequent clicks? Do you see videos or photos?

It is different to ask them what they think their behavior is, than listening from them to tell you in a tour on your page in a natural and usual way. Therefore, you can make the best decisions for your business related to the previous questions or many others more.

Decisions like these allow you to know how to position your products; how to present them in a better way; fix display issues; improve the user experience on the page, as well as help you better integrate your marketing and sales strategy.

The importance of investing in that your page contains the best experience for a client or potential client is your main front page for the client, and there is nothing more important than the first impression for them.

If you managed to win them from the first glance… even if your page does not take long to load, you have good opportunities to get new customers or retain them in a simple way.

At Unplug Studio we have excelled in different areas of service towards Data Analytics such as automotive, media, industrial security products and many more. We have worked on data collection, cleaning, and visualization and reporting for multiple Fortune 500 companies in different industries such as retail and consumer products.

by Karina Diaz

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