What is a WCAG Auditor? (Accessibility Auditor)

Always keep this question in mind: How does someone who does not see, sees it?

It is a key question for a web accessibility auditor. It is difficult to be the eyes of someone who does not, and it is harder to be the one in that person’s shoes, to show them what is obvious to most.

A web accessibility auditor is someone who fights for the right to make Web Accessible to all people in the world. Regardless of whether they do not see, if they do not hear, if they perceive different colors, or cannot see the animations that we like so much.

It is easy to get excited about creating a website, approving designs and finding the best web developer in the world, someone who works excellent in the technology we want to use.

However, the job of an accessibility auditor is to test the website, and also approve the design, knowing that there is sufficient contrast; that there is adequate mobility on the site; that it follows a correct and logical order.

W3’s owner website states:

“There are evaluation tools that help with evaluation. However, no tool alone can determine if a site meets accessibility standards. Knowledgeable human evaluation is required to determine if a site is accessible.”

It is not possible to know if the website is accessible without an auditor to verify it. The work of an accessibility auditor is important so that everyone can access your website without any problem.

Even the grannies, who barely see, must be able to see the website.

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