The importance of segmenting your audiences

Social media has become a priority in our lives; with these we can spend our time watching memes, videos, information about what is happening in the world, communicate with other people, and endless other things. Companies are not far behind in these communication processes, and we have had to learn about and grow in that environment as well.

Perhaps for some brands it has been easy to grow on social media, but there are others in which their process has been slower, and it is not bad.

However, let’s talk a little about probabilities (don’t think I’m an expert, I’m just using it for reference); if I were selling phones and 50 persons know that I sell that device, I’m more likely to sell it than if only one person knows it

Sounds reasonable, right? However, in my experience, I can tell you that this would not guarantee me anything; because maybe that one person who knows I sell phones, does want or need one, and the other 50 people don’t want or need a phone.

Now, in which scenario do you think I’m more likely to sell?

The digital advertisement works in this way, it is not just giving money to a company so that you can reach more people; the segmentation of the public to which you will address is more important.

Targeting helps you reach those people you really want to interact with.

In Meta networks, like Facebook and Instagram, there are two general approaches, that can be taken to create a target audience or segmentation: specifically and broadly. The approach depends on what you intend to achieve and the resources available.

Targeting specifically: You work with relatively strict parameters to find the appropriate people to whom the ad will be shown.

Targeting broadly: It works on a more general approach that allows two very specific things: Find potential clients that you would never have met otherwise, and it is also functional if you are not sure who you want to target.

Which one do you think you would occupy with your brand?

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